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ARS UMBRA - The Art Of Ester Segarra BOOK/BOX/LP

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"Ars Umbra is an anthology of my 15 years of work as a music photographer. Containing over 150 photographs, spanning over 100 bands including Ghost, Watain, Electric Wizard, Cathedral, Mayhem, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, At The Gates, Carcass, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Venom, Abbath, Triptykon, Shining, Behemoth and others – with accompanying texts written by the featured musicians, detailing the stories behind many of the pictures.

The book was designed in collaboration with Branca Studio and Münster Studio. 220 pages and the size of a vinyl to fit your record collection. The boxset edition comes with the soundtrack on an etched vinyl. The idea for the soundtrack, using the most primal form of music, percussion was inspired by the ritualistic use of drums, in particular attending a Macumba ritual in Brazil. Uno Bruniusson (ex-In Solitude, Procession, Maggot Heart) composed it with the idea to create a rhythm and a mindset that alters the experience of the book.

I brought music and photography together in a way that connects to the album format by reversing the process. Pictures reverse role with music. The pictures in Ars Umbra are inspired by music, and those pictures inspired the music in the book, a primal form of music supporting contemporary pictures, it is a snake that eats its own tail. Releasing it through a label like Season Of Mist follows on the idea.  Wonderfully, it has been printed in Barcelona, the city I was born has given physical birth to the book" - Ester Segarra

LIMITED AND NUMBERED AMAZING BOX-SET IN 500 COPIES ONLY (you really need to see this book and box in real life to fully grasp the beauty and work behind it!) INCLUDES LP RECORD

Signed by Ester Segarra!

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