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Words from the author:

BLACK BLOOD ZINE ISSUE 1 was started in the middle of May 2021 Anno Satanas, and released at the very tail end of August. It all began when I was reading up on the Norwegian Death Metal band MOLESTED, and then quickly came to realize that I was only able to dig up one single interview on the internet. It was from Master of Brutality 'Zine issue 7 from what I believe was around 1996. With this, I figured to take the matter into my own hands, and begin my own zine. I got in touch with Erlend Erichsen, the drummer of MOLESTED, and got my questions answered. With this I realized that I had to get the ball rolling with this project. I started aiming higher, and basically shot for the stars, and ended up with a pretty fucking stacked line-up for the first issue of a no-name zine.

Speaking of the name, I wish to make it clear, the name "BLACK BLOOD" is an homage to THE OATH OF BLACK BLOOD by BEHERIT, which I am sure some of you have heard of... I was not aware about any Greek 90s fanzine under the same name until someone pointed it out to me. To my knowledge this Greek Black Blood has been discontinued for 6 years as of now.


Last copies in print is now vailable through KATAKOMBEN! Support the art of underground printed zines! Not many left of them these days - and certainly not many left in Norway!