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Compilation of Death – issue I BOOK

199,00 kr

Official reprint oF the long time sold out 1st issue of the Chilean Compilation of Death legacy.

Original artwork and layout, original death metal passion!
In this 1st issue you can also find exhumations from other old school zines/webzines like Voices from The Dark Side, Slayer, Thanatography, Putrefaction, Spikehead, Suppuration, Disincarnate, Mega Mag, Decibels Storm, Holocaust and Mould.

Abhorrence, Accidental Suicide, Anima Damnata, Asphyx, Atrocity, Carbonized, Crypts of Kerberos, Darkthrone, Dead Congregation, Demigod, Demise, Entombed, Voices from the Dark Side, Funebrarum, Grave, Ignivomous, Incubus, Malediction, Mega Slaughter, Merciless, Morbid Angel, Morgue, Mortem, Monstrosity, Necrophobic, Necrovore, Encyclopedia of Svensk Dodsmetal, Order from Chaos, Pek, Resurrection, Revenant, Sanguis Imperem, Suffocation, Traumatic, Unleashed.

A glance in the true death metal underground. 112 pages.