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BATHORY - Bathory (Yellow Goat) LP

BATHORY - Bathory (Yellow Goat) LP

289,00 kr

ATTENTION: To be considered an unofficial release, only on black vinyl, limited edition (but the number of copies is unknown). 

No, you did not just stumble upon the holy grail at an affordable price. This is a bootleg/ unofficial LP - most likely released in 2020 - with an accurate replica of how the original looked like. If you want a YELLOW GOAT in your collection but do not have several thousand Euros to spend on an original - this is the one to get! Good quality pressing.

Normally we don’t care much for bootlegs or unofficial releases over here at KATAKOMBEN, but some good quality bootlegs of historic or special interest that is not officially released on vinyl or re-pressed in later years might find it’s way into our shop from time to time if we come across some interesting items.

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