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BATHORY - Blood Fire Death CD

BATHORY - Blood Fire Death CD

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BLOOD FIRE DEATH Mixing hellpaced Death metal from yesteryear with their own new unique sound and style, this - BATHORY's fourth album - is considered a true masterpiece. Expanding the world of BATHORY to now include tales of a pre-Christian era, while still occasionally visiting the battlefields of above and below, this album shows the diversity and multifaceted nature of the true pioneers. "A Fine Day To Die" and the title track, "Blood Fire Death", still rules. It's enormous sound and ever innovative arrangements is a delight guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips of every listeners even today - more than 3 decades after it's initial release. A true masterpiece ! Recorded in February 1988. Released in October 1988. Tracking list; Odens Ride over Nordland - A Fine Day to Die - The Golden Walls of Heaven - Pace till Death - Holocaust - For All Those Who Died - Dies Irae - Blood Fire Death

Official re-release - BLACK MARK PRODUCTIONS

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