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BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD is an extreme Metal band from Sarpsborg, Norway. Their sound can be described as a blend of old school black punk and diabolical Death Metal! The band started in 2013 and features musicians with long involvement in the underground.

This is their debut-album released by the band themselves in March 2021 in a limited edition of 300 numbered and signed copies.

This album is respectfully dedicated to the loving memory of Jan "Blacken" Clausen.

The artwork used on the cover is a (coloured) fragment of the engraving "Lucifer" by the Flemish artist Cornelis Galle the Elder (c. 1590 - c. 1600), after Italian painter Lodovico Cigoli. Original version printed in "Divina Commedia" (Inferno, canto XXXIV).

BLACK/ ORANGE MARBLE vinyl version - limited to 50 (!) copies  - already sold out from from the band!

Total Press info:

- 100 copies solid raven black
- 50 copies in nocturnal black/blood red marble
- 50 copies in grim black/orange marble
- 50 copies of solid bloodbath red
- 50 copies of hellfire orange