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DEICIDE - Overtures of blasphemy LP

249,00 kr

 “Overtures of Blasphemy” is a solid follow-up to their previous album ‘’In the Minds of Evil’’ and both albums were produced by the same producer. You can easily find the similarities in both productions, but it is still noticeable the production on Overtures of Blasphemy is better than it is on its predecessor. Steve's drumming sounds more old school with lively drum blasts, and the somewhat modernized production has given a rougher edge to their guitars and drums’ sound. 

Overall, the delivery from the band is outstanding and full of energy, heavy elements and dark passion with old-school vibes. It is safe to say that Deicide is finally doing better than they did with the Hoffmans!

180 gram heavy vinyl - CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS 2018

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