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FORESEEN - Grave Danger LP

FORESEEN - Grave Danger LP

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Continuing the direction of its predecessor, “Grave Danger” delivers the punishingly relentless pace and aggression now firmly established by the iron hammer of FORESEEN. Here you will find scraping, throat-ripping vocals over lacerating Thrash dominance and possessed hardcore breakdowns that twist seamlessly with an ever-increasing ′80s Heavy Metal tenacity, exemplified on tracks like ″Fearmonger,″ ″Bloodline,″ and ″Chemical Heritage.″ FORESEEN also embrace social commentary and critique throughout, as heard in the lyrics to ″Government Cuts″ and ″Suicide Bomber,″ among others.

With new albums from several of the leading crossover bands of the current era, FORESEEN are set to carry the banner for the United Forces representing Finland and Europe in a genre particularly known and grown in the US. Perhaps a perfect moment in time to unleash the fury of politically-minded no-joke crossover once again.

Limited edition coke bottle green vinyl - SVART Records 2017

PS: Spiller på Hellbotn Metal Festival i Kolbotn 2019!

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