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GLACIER - The passing of time LP

GLACIER - The passing of time LP

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Legendary US Heavy/ Power Metal band GLACIER formed in 1979 and were active until 1990 but never actually got to release an album.

Their 1988 demo-tape is highly praised among the fans and features two members from the self-titled 7'' EP lineup (released by Axe Killer Records in 1985), however it was disowned by the band many years later. Sam T. Easley states that Glacier ended in 1986 and the 1986-90 lineup was a different band, though it featured Loren Bates and Goebel.

In November 2016, a tribute band was formed to play live at the Keep It True 2017 festival, under the name Devil in Disguise, with Michael Podrybau on vocals and backed by Alfonso Polo Cuevas, Michael "Mendoz" Mendoza, Mike Maselbas, and Adam Kopecky.

On January 8, 2018, it was announced that Devil in Disguise would carry on under the name Glacier, with the blessing of the surviving members of the band.

Confused ? Well, the only thing that matters is that the band has recorded an album that kick ass and that the debut full-length is available over 40 years since the band originally formed!

BLACK vinyl version - NO REMORSE RECORDS 2020

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