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MGLA - Exercises In Futility CD

MGLA - Exercises In Futility CD

159,00 kr

Mgla's 2012 album With Hearts Towards None was hailed as a modern black metal masterpiece; the Polish outfit truly nailed that maddeningly delicate balance between raw aggression and melodic atmosphere, and the result was the biggest and most impactful release of their 15-year career.  Exercises In Futility, however, may well be their crowning achievement (to date).

Underneath the shimmering swarms of melody a deep, grinding undercurrent flows, like the immense current of the Styx. As dismal and bereft as the melodies often are, these songs will transport you, ultimately unfolding at the end of the album in a panoramic vista. Perhaps it is a netherworld that we were meant to see, but in effect it provides another reason to face the next day: With music like this in it, life is well worth carrying on.

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