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SOLSTICE - White Horse Hill LP

SOLSTICE - White Horse Hill LP

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The masters of epic heavy metal return after 20 years to reclaim their throne. Twenty-years after their last full-length, Solstice unleash "White Horse Hill".The album is intended to work musically in conjunction with both the lyrics (rooted firmly in the English oral folk tradition), and artwork (by US artist Chris Smith), both of which are important parts of the finished piece. Musically, SOLSTICE continue to draw inspiration from the same well of leftfield 80’s Epic & Doom metal as they did in the Mid 90’s when they began to forge their own path. “WHITE HORSE HILL” was not produced with the intention of being listened to upon PC speakers or cell phones. This album is intended to be listened to LOUD, on real speakers.

Includes CD bonus track. Dark Descent / Invictus Prod. 2018

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