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When guitarist Richard Lagergren left the mighty Portrait back in 2012, he immediately worked on forming his own band. He called Patrick Dagland, who had been sitting in as a drummer for Portrait. Richard had already penned three original numbers. However, there was still a missing piece to the puzzle - a decent vocalist. In 2015, Oscar Carlquist, known from the band Ram, expressed an interest in recording and possibly singing on the material. During the recordings he would subsequently become a full-time member. With Richard Lagergren on guitar and Oscar Carlquist on vocals it would be tempting to describe Source's debut EP as a cross between Portrait and Ram, however, this description could not be further from the truth. The four tracks (including the Styx cover "The Serpent Is Rising") are quite technical in the sense that they contain a vast array of different riffs. Riff-wise bands like Diamond Head and also Angel Witch may have also been an influence to some extent.

High Roller Records, black vinyl, ltd 200, insert.

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