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ASAGRAUM - Potestas Magicum Diaboli TAPE

ASAGRAUM - Potestas Magicum Diaboli TAPE

70,00 kr

The debut album from this 2-woman Black Metal band featuring Obscura and Trish - who combined have background from other well-known bands such as Urarv, Skitliv, Craft, Isvind, Nattefrost, Gestalte, Infestis...and the list goes on!

Potestas Magicum Diaboli delivers an excellent mix of old Black Metal with majestic parts, without being extravagant or overly grandiose. A hint of traditional USBM is also found.

Even though ASAGRAUM play Black Metal, a style that is hard to stand out or be original in, their debut-album is fresh, well-crafted and absolute worth checking out!

Pro-printed cassette-version in 250 copies.

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