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BEATEN TO DEATH - Xes And Strokes / Dødsfest TAPE

BEATEN TO DEATH - Xes And Strokes / Dødsfest TAPE

75,00 kr

This progressive, melodic grindcore band keeps harvesting praise and acclaim from fans and critics all over the planet and we are happy to finally put this compilation of their first two albums on tape. Xes and Fest! contains Xes and Strokes as well as Dødsfest!, with the latter only previously being available in physical format on the vinyl version of this release.
If Beaten To Death has flown under your radar until now, expect the unexpected and forget what you know about grindcore. Sweet melodies coupled with blindingly fast blast beats, brutal riffs, hammering bass and harsh screams make up the core of this band's sound. The best way to get a glimpse of this amazing grind act is just to listen to it!

Limited to 50 numbered copies on SCREAMING SKULL RECORDS