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Dishing up a veritable feast of the perverse, here is Israel's PROMISCUITY with their first proper EP. The band likes things raw, dirty, and nasty, bowing down at the altar of Venom and Celtic Frost, giving little in the way of a fuck about anything, save for ripping, and rotting faces. This is tried and true old school Speed Metal, with all the necessary first-wave Black Metal trimmings.

Everything you'd expect from the sound is here in spades, from the obtuse, goblin vocals all the way to the Motörhead-on-crack riffs. The sound in general is ideal for the band, with that distinct live feel I like in this kind of stuff. The guitars are massive with a vintage tone, the bass thunders and the drums crash. There's little time for formalities or pleasantries here, as Promiscuity have the singular goal of running riot, and like I've said ripping with their brand of old school, dirty Heavy Metal.

Originally only released by the band themselves digitally, now given a proper professional printed and limited cassette release through Dying Victims!