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By S.A Destroyer/Svartalv:

Continuing the stronghold of Oslo's underground Thrash scene. The Devil's Rejects really owes up to their crushing 2016 demo with their new album "Blood Feast". Cutting through with some epic horror twists on the riffs. Carving a clear line of where the band stands as to inventiveness of catchy melodies and ugly 'Nekrocharm'. Like a horror-clad Slayerish meets Darkthrone thing. But also adding their own stamp of gore to the flesh. Riding on a truly cruel bloodstained carpet of well controlled vocals, I can only say, this truly draws up red lines to the astounding vocals of Simon Forrest from Cerebral Fix. A well proportioned kick in the head if I ever heard one. And according to my Thrash barometer. A storm of fresh blood of a debut! I recommend you take this one to the bunker for a good listen people!

Limited edition pro-printed CASSETTE - released by Snake Oil Kassettforlag