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Words from Ole/ AFSKY:

“Almost 5 years ago, October 31. 2015, AFSKY released the first 3 song EP. A lot has happened since then, and this has grown thanks to all of you who have listened to the music, shared it and bought it on cd or vinyl. I'm very grateful for all your support throughout the years, it really means a lot to me!

The EP on vinyl, released a couple of years later with the single 'Vinteren bæres ind', has been sold out for a while, but there are more copies on the way. Same labyrinth print on the one side, but on green viny this time. Also the EP was just uploaded to Spotify, so you can enjoy all the Afsky songs there now.

Thank you for your support!»

Limited edition 12’’ MLP on GREEN VINYL – VENDETTA RECORDS 2020 (the pictures are from the original first pressing. As stated above this new pressing will be on GREEN vinyl but apart from that it should look the same)