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ATOMICIDE - Chaos Abomination LP

ATOMICIDE - Chaos Abomination LP

189,00 kr
Controlled chaos is the best method to describe Chile’s Atomicide, which rips flesh and stacks bodies in a professional manner, fusing the obsidian sheen of monolithic death metal in the vein of later Behemoth and Vader with just enough thrash spasticity to plant the seeds of something potentially greater and undoubtedly more endearing than the sum of its individual parts. It is nice to see a death metal band hail back to some of the earliest days of the style, wherein there was still a fair agglomeration of thrash influence lurking within. Chaos Abomination is an easy record to just break out and go to town with, an effort that can be enjoyed both by the OSDM crowd and those newcomers weaned on more polished, audacious fare.

Ltd. to 500 copies on black vinyl in gatefold with poster.

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