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BLINDFISTED - Blindfisted LP

BLINDFISTED - Blindfisted LP

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Blindfisted is Scandinavian metal akin to Venom, Motörhead and early Discharge. Masterminded by Sturt: and Mister Fister, with the legendary Charlie of Anti Cimex on drums, their self-titled debut LP is a dive down into the depths of punk, with a metal outlook.

Joining them are several guest vocalists, like Joddski (Tungtvann), Aggressor (Aura Noir) and Harald Fossberg (Hærverk). Lineup: Mister Fister (guitar, vocals) Sturt: (bass, vocals) Charlie (drums) Guest performers: Denis (Doom) Kraister (Butchery,) Aggressor (Aura Noir) Joddski (Tungtvann) Ingvild (The Launderettes) K. (Dishonorable Discharge) Harald Fossberg (ex-TRBNGR) Jonte (Aggrenation) Kikken (Livstid, Whip) - drums.

If you at all like raw punk with a metal twist, you will surely take a liking to Blindfisted.