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Reissue of the band's debut self-titled EP, a blinding combo of feisty speed metal with old-school metal brashness! Formed in 2018 after the split of Seattle's Substratum and Hexengeist, Sölicitör quickly got to work on writing and recording new material, releasing a demo and an EP barely a year into their existence. Gates of Hell Records signed the band for the re-release of the Sölicitör EP 2019 that will be followed by a proper full-length album some time in 2020. As displayed on the four-song EP, Sölicitör's meld of power, speed and thrash metal is as tight and menacing as they come, and will immediately appeal to fans of Chastain, Liege Lord, Mercyful Fate, Exciter and Painkiller-era Judas Priest.

Vinyl pressing of SÖLICITÖR EP + 2 demo tracks. Includes insert w/lyrics. Gates Of Hell 2019

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