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Thematically, New Moon is mainly dealing with processing challenging times. But as much as the album is about darkness it is also about conquering the difficulties, and a new beginning. Getting through the darkness and holding on to what is good in this world.
Light and darkess was a recurring theme on ther debut album LVX, and is just as important on this one. The title New Moon refers to how the coming light feels even stronger after the darkest night. Light and darkness is treated both physically, mentally, metaphorically, directly, internally and externally on the album. Nature and the connection to the universe is also still there in the lyrics and music. Holding on to a deep affiliation with nature and what is bigger than one self reappear as something meditative and empowering through the dark times. At times also as a parallel to the great challenges nature is exposed to. Many of the songs have a ritual expression, and all of them are deeply personal. As the band says themselves: ‘’Music is in general a huge part of our lives and how we deal with it. You can almost say that music is our ritual practice and the rehearsal space our temple.’’

Limited edition LP on 'moon colored' vinyl. Comes in a single sleeve with lyric insert