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THE COMITTEE - Memorandum Occultus LP

THE COMITTEE - Memorandum Occultus LP

229,00 kr

Since their debut album "Power Through Unity" THE COMMITTEE have developed an excellent status in the scene. Their style combined with exciting stories has lifted THE COMMITTEE out of the masses in the Black Metal scene. They do not tell the story of the victorious powers, but the story of the forgotten. Dedicated to conspiracies and the merciless ruthlessness of wars. It continued in 2017 on their also highly praised second work "Memorandum Occultus".

For some reason or the other we never had this LP in stock, but now some of the last copies available on vinyl found it's way to Katakomben!

"Memorandum Occultus" features 6 weapons of manipulation of large masses of people ranging from the least effective to the most effective and destructive. It is a roadmap and a crash course in enslavement of millions and maintaining a strict dictatorial control. It invites you to travel through the centuries and develop a methodological view of the events around ourselves and their subsequent interpretation.

BLACK vinyl version with 16 page 12'' booklet -  FOLTER RECORDS