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ACID - Maniac LP

ACID - Maniac LP

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Formed circa 1980 in the Belgian town of Brugge, Acid were among the first European bands to emerge in the wake of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that spawned artists such as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head. Driven by the pile-driver double-bass drums of Anvill and fronted by the charismatic, leather-loving singer/dominatrix Kate de Lombaerd, the quintet soon evolved from a gritty heavy metal band into the first ever female-fronted speed metal unit, heavily inspired by the likes of Motorhead, Tank, Venom and Raven.

For the first time since 1983, the vicious sophomore album from female-fronted speed metal pioneers ACID appears again on vinyl! This time re-mastered, with a full-color 12” x 24” insert featuring photos, lyrics, an interview, plus liner notes from Classic Rock/Metal Hammer writer Malcolm Dome which begin on the first album insert, continue on this album insert and will culminate with the re-release of the band's third and final studio album Engine Beast in 2017.

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