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ACROSTICHON - Engraved in Black LP

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Sometimes, you just don‘t think about how much you care about something until you realize it‘s gone. Even if at first it seemed lost in the flood of bands that were riding the Death Metal wave in the early 90‘s, despite the weak distribution and promotion skills of the label that released it back then, ACROSTICHON‘s debut soon proved to be a quite ‚one-of-a-kind‘ album. Not only were they the first band since Sabina Classen desecrated her microphone with HOLY MOSES to prove that yes, women could also have a brutal voice and attitude, but as a whole ‚Engraved In Black‘ was altogether a different beast.

Sublimed by Colin Richardson - yes, the same guy who had already produced CARCASS and BOLT THROWER and was about to teach new dirtytricks to both FEAR FACTORY and MACHINE HEAD - sonic expertise and consisted mostly of new versions of tracks originally written for their first two demos (‚Epilogue‘ and ‚Dehumanized‘), this was no ordinary Death Metal album. Quite epic and scope and far more thrashy than the other Dutch bands that were striving back then such as GOREFEST, it remains to this day a classic no real old-school Death Metal fan can live without.

Now re-released on vinyl on what must be the most awesome looking package to hit the underground in a long time! This LP-version needs to be seen to be believed! A deluxe "twentieth anniversary"edition with a brand new cover lay-out, massive 24 pages KILLER booklet full of old flyers, pictures, liner notes and the full set of lyrics, special casewrapped gatefold with glued-in 350gsm jacket with a THICK spine that makes it look and feel like an LP-box and a huge A1 poster - all limited to 400 copies! MASSIVE!!

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