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At long last, one of the unsung pillars of the Austrian black metal scene returns to reclaim their throne: W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS proudly presents AMESTIGON's monumental second album, Thier. A sprawling, wholly intoxicating mass of metaphysical might and mystical atmosphere, Thier comprises four vast, void-dwelling expanses of obsidian sound, with each track in the double digits and the title track itself topping nearly 20 minutes. And yet, every second of the way, AMESTIGON weave spells that draw in the listener and literally drowns them with dense, patiently evolving layers of otherworldly decibels wrought from mere strings, synth, and drums.

It's a form of sonic alchemy, one that the band has explored during their on/off career since the mid 1990s, but never have AMESTIGON sounded so potent as they do on Thier. Longtime listeners can cite the album as authentic to the original wave of '90s black metal; however, the band are restless sonic sorcerers and repeating themselves is never an option, so new landscapes of the mind and spirit are sown on this second full-length. From artwork to lyrics to the sound production itself, there is a totality of experience to Thier, and AMESTIGON willingly offer four keys to the beyond. Liberation is yours for the taking.

Limited edition Gatefold DOUBLE LP with etching on one side!

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