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ANAAL NATHRAKH - Hell is empty and all the devils are here LP

249,00 kr

Re-issue of the bands 4th album - originally released in 2007. "Hell is Empty...." represents the fruit of all the band's labor up until this point. Above all what this album brings to the table is an incredible apocalyptic atmosphere and death/doom inspired songs and the closing section of Lama Sabachthani will prove that well enough. "Hell is Empty..." was, and still is, an outsider in their discography in how much Death Metal influences the sound and production, especially when compared to Eschaton and Codex Necro. For all who have lost faith in the notion that up and coming groups have something to add to Metal’s glorious history, this may just be the work to change your mind. Certainly, there’s never been a Necrogeddon quite like this one.

180 gram BLACK heavy vinyl (EU exclusive) - METAL BLADE RECORDS 2021