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ANCIENT - Svartalvheim LP

ANCIENT - Svartalvheim LP

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The 1994 Black Metal classic finally re-issued! The first ANCIENT full-length when the band was still located in Norway and definately a part of the Norwegian Black Metal classics that was released in this golden era. Despite that this band has developed a rather goofy reputation over the years with several not-so-good albums, "Svartalvheim" is an unsung high point in the genre. It's dark and sinister while at the same time majestic and beautiful and the songs benefit from menacing riffs and a demonic bass-heaviness that easily helps this album stand out among it's peers in the world of Black Metal. If you missed it back in the days, now is the time to check out the ANCIENT-debut!

Released with an exclusive altered LP cover-design! Black vinyl version- Soulseller Records 2018

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