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AT WAR - Retaliatory Strike LP

AT WAR - Retaliatory Strike LP

189,00 kr
After the opening mortar fire of Ordered To Kill went noisily into the night, it is this sophomore which remains the peak of At War's career, waiting to be toppled like some obscure South American dictator beneath the fire of commandos and mercenaries. The band still maintains that aura of a dumbed down Slayer ala 1983-1985, but the riffs are fucking lethal here, and the vocal reverb reminds a great deal of early Voivod. Had At War survived to release a third album in around 1989-1990, they might have had a minor cult hit on their hands, but Retaliatory Strike, despite its general quality, would go almost as unnoticed as its elder sibling. The band's no horseshit, dirty production might have turned off some where by 1988 were expecting every album to sound like State of Euphoria or ...And Justice for All, but really it was more of a lack in marketing, which would put the entire label under. People worked on a rather limited budget for music in those days, and even though some diehards might have bought up every thrash album they could afford on paper route money or leftover beer funds, there was no easy means like the interwebz for the majority to even become aware of the Virginians. Thus, like about 90% of the thrash bands to arrive at the mid to end of that decade, At War would sink rather than swim through the trenches. It's a shame, because this is a good, if not essential album which oozed bullets and promise.

Ltd. 350 on bone/ black splatter vinyl in heavy cardboard cover with lyric sheet and poster.

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