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AU-DESSUS - Au-Dessus LP

AU-DESSUS - Au-Dessus LP

189,00 kr

Au-Dessus is a black metal band from Lithuania. There’s actually a lot of post-black in this album; from the progressive, melodious atmosphere to the cascading guitar chords. Yet Au-Dessus is far from another Drudkh clone. For every passage of post-metal magic, expect a ferocious counterpoint.
The overall sound is very deep and heavy, the vocals alternatively high and harsh. This dichotomy helps to create a strong dynamic and range. Expect plenty of crunchy bass guitar in the mix to further fill out the aesthetic. Production is pretty clean but retains some edge through the raw, treble-heavy distortion and organic drumming. Overall, this is an impressive debut. It’s emotionally engaging, well-written, and proves that post-black doesn’t have to put you to sleep.

Ltd. 350 copies on black vinyl in gatefold jacket.

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