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AVFALL/ EVIL DEAD - Fatality/ Narcissus Norvegicus SPLIT LP

189,00 kr
 A long time in the making, this obscure piece of vinyl has finally been released! Only 100 (!) numbered copies has been made - so this one will be sold out fast!

AVFALL: Norwegian crust-punk madness with members from bands like Lobotomized, Deathhammer and Nachash. This was the final recording for the band and the final nail in the coffin of AVFALL. The band has later continued with a slight line-up change and under the new name NERVEVRAK.

EVIL DEAD: Obscure recordings previously only heard within a close circle of Rob Evil - this is pre-EVIL ARMY material from before EVIL ARMY released anything. A different and more Misfits-influenced sound than the speedy Thrash Metal that EVIL ARMY would present on their future recordings.
100 numbered copies. Co-release between Apocalyptic Empire Records and Weird Face Productions 2018.

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