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AVICHI - The Divine Tragedy LP

AVICHI - The Divine Tragedy LP

189,00 kr
This is the first release by Avichi, and they directly come with a masterpiece! Avichi is certainly a very promising band, armed with a high intellect, and great musical skills.

For whatever reason, Aamonael left his former band, Nachtmystium, and created this project, where he performs everything except drums. Possibly it was because he was unhappy with the direction Nachtmystium was going? Anyway, thats not important, what is important is that it didn't take him much time to create six songs full of mystery and hatred.

Already praised and hailed in the underground as a masterpiece of occult Black Metal when it was released on CD - this debut-album is now finally unleashed on killer vinyl-format. Limited to 500 copies with gatefold-cover printed on reversed cardboard, heavy 180 gram vinyl. Artwork by Baal Graphics and Layout by MkM of Antaeus. Totally recommended

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