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AXECUTER - Metal is invincible LP

AXECUTER - Metal is invincible LP

149,00 kr

The Brazlian three piece is seriously dedicated to all forms of traditional heavy metal, be it heavy, speed or thrash metal! After their killer EP "Innocence is our excuse" on Dying Victims, their debut album is now unleashed and it is all about being metal! As the bands say themselves on the LP-insert "This album is dedicated to all true 70s and 80s die hard heavy metal maniacs, all those who bravely stand narrow-minded against all fashion, trends and disgusting modernity. If you are not one of us, just keep away: Don't by this LP, don't borrow it, don't listen to it, don't review it... Just forget us!!!". Well worth it just for the hilarious but awesome cover!

Limited to 500 copies with A2 poster

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