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BASTARD PRIEST - Ghouls Of The Endless Night LP

BASTARD PRIEST - Ghouls Of The Endless Night LP

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Formed in 2002, Bastard Priest predated the whole retro Swedish death metal wave that's continued in earnest in recent years. Authentically Swedish, hailing from Umeå, the duo soon became pillars of post-Y2K Swedeath with their debut demo, Merciless Insane Death, released in 2008 on Blood Harvest imprint Zombie Ritual Tapes. But it was the release of Bastard Priest's debut in 2010, Under the Hammer of Destruction, where they proved who the real contenders to the throne were. Reaping widespread acclaim, Under the Hammer of Destruction was followed a year later with Ghouls of the Endless Night, once again reaping acclaim with fans and critics and cementing the name Bastard Priest in the international underground.

Although the band's currently quiet, these new vinyl editions of Under the Hammer of Destruction and Ghouls of the Endless Night are a timely reminder of Bastard Priest's enduring greatness and hopefully a sign of new recordings to come. 

Ltd. 300 black vinyl.

Blood Harvest 2022

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