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BEHERIT - H418ov21.C LP

BEHERIT - H418ov21.C LP

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Burzum, Ildjarn and Beherit are the big three of Black Metal to convert to ambient music in a serious way in the mid 1990s. The success of these experiments has been somewhat hit and miss. Beherit’s two efforts are the most obviously distinct from Ildjarn and Burzum’s, adopting drum machines and elements normally associated with electronica.

Originally recorded by BEHERIT in 1994 - this is ritual music – not Metal – and the listener is taken on a journey through the tediously minimal to the vastly ambient with well judged transitions and everything in its proper place. This assessment of the album as a whole is not instantly obvious however, and it does take a good few listens before what the artist was probably aiming for becomes apparent. Much like drifting through space, there are moments of great beauty and great tedium, but the contrasts are what is of value. The odd vocal effect used on the aforementioned re-run of ‘The Gate of Nanna’ make another appearance later on in the album, but this time their use is more tasteful and unexpected, fitting much more comfortably with the whole mood of the album.

Re-issue from PRIMITIVE REACTION RECORDS 2019 – with different artwork from the original CD (only) release in 1994

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