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BEHERIT (The Lord Diabolus) - Down There... TAPE

BEHERIT (The Lord Diabolus) - Down There... TAPE

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Available officially on CASSETTE for the first time since it's original recording and release in 1991!

BEHERIT released this demo under the name THE LORD DIABOLUS in 1991 due to problems they were having with Turbo Music at the time. They did some demos before this one as BEHERIT and returned to the BEHERIT-name again shortly after doing this demo.   

Some time ago it would have been difficult to listen to this recording, but nowadays it is practically available to everyone who has an internet connection. Any maniac of this genre should give this demo a chance to fully understand the beginnings, evolution and dimension this band achieved. The first steps of an absolute cult band!

In 2019 the record got sold out already during the pre-ordering stage, so here's a second chance to those who missed out back then on what can be rightfully called one of the most significant Finnish Black Metal recordings of all time!

The Sinister Flame - 2022