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BLASPHEMOPHAGHER - The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos LP

BLASPHEMOPHAGHER - The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos LP

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Blasphemophagher return with their third full-length album. Entitled “The III Command of the Absolute Chaos,” this new album demonstrates the band’s further refinement of their craft. Featuring new artwork by the inimitable Paolo “Madman” Girardi and a guest appearance by Pete Helmkamp, this album carries on in the tradition established by Blasphemophagher on their first two albums. As with their previous efforts, the production and songwriting continue to improve with every release. Blasphemophagher create prayers to the ubiquitous nuclear temples being erected around us ushering in the death of the old gods. Beacons of our demise stationed on the horizons of existence and poised to nullify our race. The band revels in these nightmarish scenarios and the expansive grasp of entropy and chaos that awaits us. Blasphemophagher’s barbaric atomic terrorism assaults the listener. Massive and all consuming, Blasphemophagher’s sonic universe evokes abhorrent mutations, radioactive haze, and the collapsed infrastructure of mankind’s empire. Worship the apocalyptic inevitability.

Black vinyl LP, 8 page 12 x 12" booklet featuring both cover paintings, and 5mm LP jacket with foil stamp on both sides.

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