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BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel Of Doom LP

BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel Of Doom LP

229,00 kr
“Fallen Angel of Doom….” is a monument of black metal. For the underground scene it made an impact that still resonates to this day. Bands from all around the world were inspired by BLASPHEMY as soon as “Fallen Angel of Doom….” was unleashed. Everywhere from Brazil to Singapore, Finland to Germany, bands were taking cue from BLASPHEMY and playing the most merciless forms of black metal, and waves of other bands over the years came into being thanks to BLASPHEMY. Black metal hit the highest levels of extremity when BLASPHEMY released “Fallen Angel of Doom….” still unsurpassed to this day! It took everything known about the genre and made it even more savage and malevolent, both musically and visually. The way it should be!

Available on black vinyl with 12″ insert. Nuclear War Now 2018

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