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BODYFARM - Ultimate Abomination LP

BODYFARM - Ultimate Abomination LP

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Now with the arrival of their 5th album to date, BODYFARM are poised to assert, once and for all, their domination over the Death Metal scene! The arrangements for the upcoming album were mostly written by founding guitarist Bram Hilhorst and bassist-turned-fellow-guitarist Alex Seegers, with the lyrics written by vocalist/bassist Ralph de Boer and drums by new arrival David Schermann. Naturally, every member contributed his own part to Ultimate Abomination, keeping the album fresh yet firmly within the core Bodyfarm sound.

The result sees a surprising infusion of catchiness and The Groove: be it galloping like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, stomping slowly across the skulls of enemies, or rolling forward across the battlefield called life, Ultimate Abomination is a Death Metal maniac’s wet dream!

BLACK vinyl w/ printed innersleeve. 180 gram heavy weight vinyl - EDGED CIRCLE PRUDUCTIONS 2023


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