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BYTHOS - The Womb of Zero LP

BYTHOS - The Womb of Zero LP

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From Finland comes a brand new alliance who creates their musical Black Art under the name of BYTHOS! Bythos has made a pact with the infamous Terratur Possessions and has brought forth their debut album bearing the title "The Womb of Zero".

Musically Bythos combines cold melodies and versatile riffs, creating rich and numinous landscapes which encounters powerful and vicious liturgies. The music supports the lyrical theme of the songs well, and the moods range from oppressive despair to ecstatic praise of the Dark Gods. The theme of the album is an interdimentional view of the underworld and its deities, emphasising strongly on the spiritual evolution to liberate the imprisoned powers, and make one with the outer Darkness. The resetting of the Divine plans through Destruction and rise above limitations of Life. Beauty in Destruction, Destruction in Beauty. A sonic interpretation of what once was and our constant path of Devolution towards the Luciferian dawn.

Bythos is:

M.S. Vocals (Behexen)

M.L. Guitars/Bass (Behexen)

L.R. Drums (Horna)

BLACK VINYL - Gatefold jacket with poster and booklet included. TERRATUR POSSESSIONS 2020.