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Back with a vengeance and hell-bent on destruction, CADAVER are back in business and ready to reign!

“Edder & Bile” – the first full length from this band’s new incarnation of Anders Odden’s original, extreme metal vision. Brimming with the same primal, primitive spirit that drove the band’s early works, the likes of Morgue Ritual and Let Me Burn are also full of fresh perversity and evidence of the same contrary instincts that always set Cadaver apart from their supposed peers. Vocal cameos from Death Metal icons Kam Lee (MASSACRE) and Jeff Becerra (POSSESSED) ensure that this crushing rebirth has underground credentials to spare.

Darker, nastier and more pulverising than anything the band have released before, “Edder & Bile” is the sound of a Death Metal diehard rediscovering the fire and fury that first converted him to Heavy Metal’s side. The combination of Dirk Verbeuren’s unstoppable percussive battery and Anders’ leprous screams and limitless arsenal of scything riffs is both a bloody love letter to metallic extremity /and/ a new manifesto for twisted visions yet unrealized, all conveyed with utmost sincerity and passion!

Limited edition of only 350 copies (!) on CYAN with BLACK SPLATTER VINYL - NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS 2020