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CADAVER - The Age Of The Offended LP (BLUE/ ORANGE)

CADAVER - The Age Of The Offended LP (BLUE/ ORANGE)

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Thirteen tracks of pure savage raw Norwegian Death Metal. “The Age Of The Offended” is a 42 minute Death Metal album that see’s CADAVER remain in their natural habitat of Death Metal while also delving into a more guitar driven psychedelic atmosphere thanks to TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø who injects a new vibe to the band. “The Age Of The Offended” also see’s original Cadaver bassist Eilert Solstad return for double bass duties as well as Dirk Verbeuren to demolish the drums and founding member Anders Odden in the forefront riffing away and screaming our ears clean!

Limited edition of 800 copies on BLUE w ORANGE/BLACK SPLATTER VINYL - NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS 2023

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