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CARNIVORE - Retaliation 2-LP (Bone color)

CARNIVORE - Retaliation 2-LP (Bone color)

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Classic album from 1987 re-released on "bone"-colored vinyl by Listenable Records! Anybody who enjoys Thrash or crossover music needs to listen to Carnivore. It is simply a must.

This was the album where Peter Steele & Co. ditched the Road Warrior image and started really LAYING THE SMACK DOWN. The onslaught starts hard with "Angry Neurotic Catholics", a feral thrash blaster that will have the Gothlings who worship at Peter's huge boots aghast at the intense aggression and anger on display here. "S.M.D." continues in that vein with insanely vicious lyrics directed at any and all who would call him a freak for his image, lifestyle, music--in fact, this entire album has some of the most ugly, misanthropic lyrics ever. Knowing Peter, he wrote them to get a rise out of folks, which he most certainly did. But back in those days, he wasn't as refined a lyricist as he was with Type O Negative, and as a result the lyrics come off as much simpler and even more direct than anything he's ever written with Type O. ‘IF YOU CAN'T EAT IT OR FUCK IT , THEN KILL IT !'

This was the 2nd and last album released by CARNIVORE. Together with the 1985 debut “Carnivore” – they are both crushing HC/ Metal classics!

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