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COFFINS - Craving To Eternal Slumber MCD*

COFFINS - Craving To Eternal Slumber MCD*

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On their latest MCD, Tokyo’s Coffins are firmly established as the underground’s leading purveyors of Neanderthal paced Doomed Death Metal. You know what to expect by now, surely; no progression, no evolution, just some of the filthiest, nastiest doom-laden death metal this side of Autopsy. Coffins’ primitive, knuckle-dragging take on the genre is the perfect antidote to the swathes of overly produced, curiously polite sounding bands that pass as death metal today, and having been at it for almost twenty years now, they’ve got this delightfully rancid sound down to a fine art.
For fans of: Asphyx, Hellhammer, Autopsy, Grave, Carnage, Nihilist, Celtic Frost, Winter, Slaughter, Massacre etc.

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