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CORPSESSED - The Dagger and the Chalice MLP

CORPSESSED - The Dagger and the Chalice MLP

149,00 kr

Imagine a stream of obscurity, a closed corridor of unbreathable air due to an oppressive atmosphere, a soulless void of despair and agony, an abominable vision of shapeless horrors and deepest terrors, as a web of rivers flowing into an estuary of unspeakable filth and smut. Backers of a multi layered death asphyxiating death metal, Corpsessed not only craft songs admitting their vast amount of influences which run between the shores of Finland's most growling and booming legends, the intensity and distorted massive sound of the Swedish school among hints of other deeds, but also a random yet consistent wall of doomy passages and abrasive grinding outbursts, poisoned with lacerating blast-beats echoes. Far away from being a senseless cut and paste hotchpotch, "The Dagger and the Chalice" is one of those exceptional rarities where polyglot metal of death serves its purpose without failing, betraying nor mocking the entity of such a style.

Black vinyl in reverse print sleeve with insert.

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