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CRUCIFIER - Coffins Through Time...A Mourning in Nazareth 2LP

219,00 kr

Ancient Death Metal madness from the USA - captured in an amazing vinyl package! CRUCIFIER (with ex-members of GRAND BELIALS KEY and SEEDS OF PERDITION) have been lurking in the Death Metal underground since 1991, yet only with one full-length under their bullet-belts so far.
This DOUBLE LP includes the following:
Tracks 1-5 from: "Humans Are Such Easy Prey" [Demo 1991]
Tracks 6-10 from: "Crown of Thorns" [Demo 1992]
Tracks 11-14 from: "Unparalleled Majesty" [Demo 1993]
Tracks 15-16 from: "By Disgrace of God" [Demo 1993]
Tracks 17-19 from: "Powerless Against" [EP 1996]
Track 20 from: "Trafficking With the Devil" [Split EP w/ Nunslaughter 1999]

12" double LP vinyl with a 16-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes, old photos, and flyers as well as an A2 poster and quintessential Chris Moyen cover art.
Limited to 500 copies.

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