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Crystal Viper’s previous album ‘Tales Of Fire And Ice’ saw the band treading more melodic power metal waters. It could very well be a divisive album among their fan base, but I personally thought the refreshing take that album provided on the Polish band’s formula was exactly what they needed. ‘The Cult’ sees Crystal Viper moving back to their old school Heavy Metal roots a little, whilst simultaneously retaining the fresh, energetic character of ‘Tales Of Fire And Ice’. Coupled with some excellent songwriting, ‘The Cult’ is absolutely the perfect combination of everything Crystal Viper could be at the moment.

Ultimately, ‘The Cult’ is a very difficult album to turn off after you have turned it on, because it just makes you want more of what it offers; the mark of a great album in any genre. In a metal scene full of bands where musicians try to outdo each other, it is always great to hear an album where every musician just tries to bring what is best for the songs to the table. Heavy metal albums this unpretentiously fun, but musically impressive are rare enough these days and Crystal Viper deserves all the praise they can get for doing exactly that.

First pressing of 400 copies worldwide on TRANSPARENT BLUE vinyl - LISTENABLE RECORDS 2021