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Damage Inc. # 3 MAGAZINE

Damage Inc. # 3 MAGAZINE

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Created and published by Maniac in 1985, Damage Inc. had to be put on side after only two issues, due to the rapidly burgeoning Norwegian Black Metal scene, and the subsequent demands placed on the vocalist by his role in MAYHEM and the  various other musical projects he was working on at the time. Recently, however, the iconic frontman has found the time to return to what has always been one of his primary interests – writing: and this has led him back to “Damage Inc.” a project that has always remained close to his heart.

Eschewing the idea that zines nowadays have to either be “online”, or appear as glossy publications that sacrifice content in order to appeal to advertisers, Maniac has remained resolute in his vision that Damage Inc. will lose none of its “Old School” attributes, and will remain true to the rough and ready Fanzine concept of cut and paste and, according to him, the new issue is much more rough than the first two issues,  and contain “just darkness and good music”.

The comeback issue of “Damage Inc.» follow on from the first two issues and is effectively issue three.  In keeping with his decision to ensure that the fanzine stays true to its original concept, it is only available in selected shops in Oslo, Finland and Japan – including KATAKOMBEN!



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