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On the third DNS album, "Hora Nocturna", harsh attacks and dramatic elements melt into each other seamlessly. The fully developed songs appear as successful works of self-assured artists. Thundering drums, edgy riffs and mature guitar lines push away any thought of beauty. The musicians restlessly commute between raging melodies and aggressive hammering, mid-paced passages and extreme velocity. But solid as a rock, the omnipresent fathomless blackness constitutes the most important cornerstone of the group´s hellish sound. The songs are exactingly constructed. They do not lack of interesting breaks and show a fairly great variety.

Ltd. 300 x heavyweight galaxy effect - red/black 12" (180g) in a black poly-lined innerbag, printed insert on 140g offset paper, gatefold on 350g uncoated with UV parcial lacquer, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

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