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DARKEST ERA - Gods And Origins 7"EP

DARKEST ERA - Gods And Origins 7"EP

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"I had the honor to review the 2014 album of Darkest Era called Severance and I was in awe. Now that they announced this EP I am in awe… again.Amazing heavy metal music with nods to extreme sounds and acoustic folk. This EP has only two songs, unfortunately, but in times where time seems reduced this is an advantage because one can hear it several times and assimilate the beauty and the clearness of the musical art of Darkest Era that is very akin to Atlantean Kodex, Bathory (Viking era), Primordial and the likes… First Celtic attack is called An Dagda and it is very aggressive with the earworm riffs and rhythmic session, with a mid-tempo approach but never being lackluster, this is energetic and very well done. Perfect song, but albeit all aggressiveness this song has no guttural voices: it’s very melodic indeed and this guy Krum sings like hell. It turned out that this song is a remake of an old song called An Dagda Awakens. Ade Mulgrew and Sarah Wieghell are helluva couple of guitarists and they deliver sharp rifferama. Elohim is a power ballad that is epic beyond control: acoustic and beautiful, this tune is an ode to tradition from auld lang syne. Over again this guy Krum touches the feeling of even the stone-hearted headbanger. A newborn classic for sure."
(Dark Souls United)


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