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Swedish self proclaimed boogie punks Deadheads' second album Loaded, is a brisk and rowdy, hard and heavy, rock n roll romp, with a touch of blues just to trick you up. The fact that none of the tracks reaches the four minutes shows clearly that Deadheads didn't start to write epical tunes. They keep their music spot on. Flattened to the minimum this album shines by its purity and simplicity. And it's the frenetic power that speaks for itself with each of the pieces. "Loadead" can be seen as another album that belongs to the current boom of Swedish classic rock bands. But Deadheads are more. They merge the vibe of classic rock with the rawness of punk which leads to an outstanding album. Deadheads are more alive than ever with this release.

Ltd. 400 x black vinyl, heavy cardboard cover, 4 page lyric insert

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